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Superior data extraction for the Martin Insurance Group

Superior data extraction for the Martin Insurance Group

The problem: Most day-to-day activities involve data extraction and data entry, but no human can perform this task with the precision, speed and efficiency of a robot. The Martin Insurance group required an automated tool which is capable of bringing these attributes to their data extraction process.

The Solution:Apart from the Martin Insurance Group, we have delivered multiple robots to our customers in the US in the Data Extraction and Data Entry areas.

How the robot works:

  • Reads data from a source - a system or an application, a database, etc.
  • Logs into applications, portals or websites and navigates to a specific page.
  • Enters the information into specific fields by navigating and extracting the information from any fields on the web page or the application.
  • Updates the source system with the extracted information.

Technologies used: mysql.jpg uipath.jpg

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