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Indian State-Owned Organization Implemented Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

Indian State-Owned Organization Implemented Innovative & Sustainable Solutions


Our client, a State Designated Agency (SDA), needed the implementation of projects under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) for State Data Centre (SDC), Statewide Area Network (SWAN), Common Service Center Delivery Gateway (SSDG), and other Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) in India.

The Challenge:

The water systems were becoming increasingly complex and instrumented and required a rich set of features to deal with the complexity efficiently.

The Solution

  • Our software solution aggregated the data from 300 + local SCADA systems (client server-based local systems) data into N-tiered web applications and mobile applications for the monitoring and controlling of the technological parameters in the water distribution stations.
  • Our SCADA system's KPIs-based implementation logic can be implemented for any SCADA system across other industry segments like Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, and Power Utilities.
  • The AI-powered system empowers to generate intuitive alerts or push notifications to business users.

Business Value Added:

  • SCADA systems are now taking care of more than 800 MLD water on daily basics
  • Our solution optimized the functioning of the pumping system, safety, and endurance growth in the equipment and installations.
  • We implemented supervision and control systems for the real-time installation, along with Programmable Logic Controllers with essential functions like communication, adjustment, and measurement. We deployed IoT gateways, supporting industry-standard open communication protocols (OPC-DA and Modbus), and data from solar-powered borewells. We also added libraries, communication systems, standard interfaces or dedicated ones with sensors, electrical drive elements, and measuring devices for enhanced efficiency.
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