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Swire Pacific Offshore

Swire Pacific Offshore

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) is a trusted name in the offshore marine industry with more than 40 years of operational experience. A leading service provider to the offshore oil and gas industry, SPO is headquartered in Singapore with more than 25 offices worldwide.

SPO decided to embark on a new platform that could address the gaps and inconsistencies in some of its current processes and effectively manage the standardisation of policies and procedures under its new Corporate Governance Manual (CGM). More importantly, the new portal helps to set standards across the diverse business and ensure that the company would be fit for future.

Solution: Designed with access control and transparency, the solution aims to manage risks, uphold information integrity and be the single ‘source of truth’ for compliance. The standardisation of processes helps to minimise “fire-fighting” and the automation of these processes helped boost work productivity.

Implementation: The Company’s existing Intranet platform, SharePoint Online was chosen for the implementing of the solution. The interface was integrated into the company’s Intranet and designed in a user-friendly manner to allow the employees to update policies and process documents efficiently. Approval workflow and notifications are put in place to streamline the processes. Security and access controls are also incorporated into the platform.

During the development phase, a staging development site was created for the development team to customise codes and make modifications for the platform. Rigorous testing processes were done to ensure that the portal is working as intended, and that all key requirements have been identified and addressed.

Technologies used: sharepointonline azure jquery

Business Results:

  • Offer clear business operating standards and procedures.
  • Manage risks (identify, assess, mitigate, control).
  • Track business progress, service level agreements, KPIs.
  • Increase compliance and consequence management (Just Culture).

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