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Timesheet System Built on SharePoint for Crimson Logic

Timesheet System Built on SharePoint for Crimson Logic

About the Client: CrimsonLogic is a trusted partner working closely with governments around the world to develop innovative and sustainable eGovernment solutions to collaborate more seamlessly with their citizens and ecosystem. TradeNet®, eJudiciary, eStamping and CertOfOrigin are some of the world’s first innovations being used every day by government agencies worldwide.

The Scope of work: Scope includes the lifecycle of timesheet recording, from submission by staff to approval by stakeholders to the generation of interface files for Finance.

The Solution and its implementation: Fully customized SharePoint 2010 application to manage employee timesheet.

  • Developed flexible reporting for faster turnaround time and quick decision making.
  • Implemented secured authorized access to timesheet data and traceability of transactions.

Technologies used: sharepoint 2010 sqlserver windows server microsoft

Key benefits: Reduction in manual operation for timesheet processing. Thus saving both time and cost.

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