Your leadership on project-GfK Data Extraction for Tableau is encouraging & most appreciated. The team members have been very diligent & highly professional. Especially in putting extra effort & showing flexibility in order to meet our requirements & constraints.

Calvin Tang,
Customer Insights, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific.

Kudos and a big THANK YOU to our cross-country teams, agency and tech partners for their great work. We just completed the launch of 10 new websites across Eastspring markets to enhance online brand and customer experience! Ready for a break. 


Christian G. Fleischer,
Head of Marketing.


It was an amazing journey we have with Web Synergies which never ends till this day. We took our chances and risk to work with WS on a project in a field which they had zero experience. Not only was the project successful, we now have a system that is being used throughout Asia that helps reduces our man power. Despite the team handling our project was relocated to a different country, the follow up is seamless and things are getting done as if they are just next door to us.

We are still relying on WS for maintenance of our system & their continuous support for new ideas to improve our system. WS truly demonstrates their capabilities as a reliable partner to build business grade solutions.

Kelvin Tan,
General Manager Operations, MSC.

Web Synergies proposed to host the online E-learning Portal Solution on to a new platform without disturbing the ongoing business needs of BASF. The new solution is flexible and scalable to many languages which enabled us to extend our services to external customers and individuals with online certifications. We are pleased with the services rendered by Web Synergies with quality & professionalism and therefore wish to place on record our appreciation to you and your team.

Hope Seong,
Manager, Transportation& Distribution Safety, BASF South East Asia Pte Ltd.


Yokogawa has made the right decision to engage Web Synergies to develop a web portal for their engineering standards. Our business is executing mega industrial automation projects and as a Japanese company we appreciate Web Synergies focus on client satisfaction.

The design proposed, the implementation and the flexible approach of Web Synergies team made a tremendous impression on us and has proven to be robust.

Web Synergies is proven to have the same values as our company and as a passionate project team we made the portal a resounding success in all our Engineering Office worldwide, with great potential to help engineers meet the future demands of managing the asset lifecycle of our clients.

Cor Arie Beetsma,
General Manager, Yokogawa Global Engineering Solutions Centre.

As an online media partner Web Synergies has undertaken the responsibility of setting and administration of competitor’s website for the duration of competition. We are very grateful for your company’s help and support with this competition, which we hope will enthuse and inspire many young Singaporeans to explore their creativity and learn more about the commonwealth and its values.

Allan Collins CMS,


We are extremely pleased with our association with Web Synergies. They have been a trusted technology partner providing us with knowledgeable, cost-effective and efficient resources consistently. Our IT architects and product team work well with Web Synergies’ .Net and PHP development staff who adhere to the highest standards of quality & professionalism. We also have had the great privilege and pleasure of tapping on the expert advice and experience of the senior management team of Web Synergies, namely Gideon and Prabhu. They have provided us with good advice and support along the way as we scale up the scope and depth of our travel enterprise and connectivity services, including the implementation of their proprietary iSuite travel platform-oriented ERP system. It has truly been a pleasure working with Web Synergies.

Siang Twang Ho,
Managing Partner at Trip Affiliates, Tripanzee and Travel Prologue.

We have been using iSuite for our operations since 2017, and find it to be a cost-effective software that is suitable for companies with routine operations and is an effective tool for trading companies like ours. We found the service support team to be responsive to our change requests, and flexible in making required changes promptly. This is the main attraction of cost-effective & tailor-made ERP systems like iSuite, and the reason they score over the bigger ERP Systems. The support team is customer friendly and users have the freedom to contact the team at any time to address issues, which can be a challenge while using standard ERP systems.

Niraj Seth,
President, Amada India Private Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amada Company Limited., Headquartered in Japan).


Your Superior technical qualifications and proven track record of delivering high quality solutions made the decision easy. And good understanding of our own vision and workflows. I am very impressed by the quality of the team working on our project, the team displays a real understanding of our issues & comes to table with suggestions and ideas that are very impressive. They never just accept what we tell them, they always question if what we are suggesting is the best way to approach the problem. It exceeds more than what we expect. I’d not hesitate to recommend Web Synergies to anyone.

Randrew Bismonte,

When working with Sudheer and team on developing the LMS, we find that the team is
customer-centric in the way they strived to meet our requirements. They have worked closely with us to provide a wide array of functionality, keeping it simple with careful design of system roles which were aligned to user needs. We appreciate their outstanding support and assistance offered to us over the past months, as their quick response to our requests and concerns was always prompt and helpful. It has been a great pleasure working with Sudheer and his team, thank you!

Lee Jie Lin,
Centre Manager, ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd.


Fast, reliable and committed to providing good service, Web Synergies have been integral to the success of our new web portal.

Lim Tanguy,
Director, Pro Bono Services, The Law Society of Singapore.

We have worked with Web Synergies for a few years and improved the efficiency of our company. The quality of the work coming out of the team has steadily increased. The team is very responsive and easy to work with.

Moe Yarmush,
Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Martin Insurance Group.

Cove Hill

Web Synergies is a trusted partner for all of our software development needs. We have been working together for over four years now on many different types of projects: large scale web sites, intranet applications, desktop app development, mobile development, and robotics process automation. Web Synergies provides us with outstanding capabilities to deliver applications for ourselves and our clients. But the best part of Web Synergies is its people and leadership. Not only is the team capable, but we have developed warm friendships over the years. The leadership is trustworthy, honest, friendly and supportive. We value this relationship and expect it to continue for years to come.

Ned Schoenfeld,
CEO, Cove Hill Consulting LLC.