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Web Synergies is helping organizations in the banking and financial services industry achieve operational efficiency by providing personalized and cost-effective technology solutions that focus on improving customer service.

Our banking & financial solutions focus on enhancing productivity, efficiency and reducing operating costs while complying with regulatory norms and establishing compliance.

Our strong domain knowledge and in-depth understanding of the sector help us deliver and deploy solutions in an agile way, helping you handle and manage massive volumes of data, seamlessly, quickly and with greater accuracy. Keeping pace with disruptive and cutting-edge technology solutions such as Blockchain, RPA, Big Data, and Cloud.

These robust and scalable solutions are designed to improve functional efficiency, customer loyalty and achieve operational excellence that will enable progressive transformation.

End-to-End Payment Solutions

Our dedicated team of professionals provides customized, user-specific, a full spectrum of secure and safe payment solutions for businesses and customers across diverse industries.

Payment Apps

Web Synergies helps to create payment apps that enable you to make and receive payments in a fast, simple and secure way. An expert team of developers builds robust mobile payment apps that are fully secured for various platforms such as Android, iOS, etc.

Some of our Banking & Finance solutions include

  • Data collation
  • Data quality management
  • Data matching
  • Clustering of records
  • Merging of records
  • Real-Time matching

How our Banking & Finance solutions help customers

  • On-demand deduplication capability, at scale
  • Speed & Accuracy: Near-instant turnaround time on huge volumes with the superior matching capability
  • Focused prospecting: Targeted base of users, to reduce the probability of defaulting by users. Better data deduplication matching process and improved productivity
  • Identifying the next best customer with high precision and accuracy
  • Enhanced overall data quality

Streamline Banking, Financial Services & Operations

The banking and financial services sector witnesses constant changes, whether in terms of stringent government regulations, heavy competition or ever-evolving customer needs. This compels financial institutions to keep looking to implement innovative banking solutions to gain and maintain customer loyalty, enhance customer experience & customer engagement, improve functional efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Web Synergies is a trusted technology partner to several banks and financial institutions of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized banking and financial service organizations. We specialize in delivering tailor-made digital solutions, which are designed with the client's unique requirements and preferences in mind.