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An Enterprise Learning Management Platform

Simplify & streamline organizational learning

Organizational learning is a highly effective tool that can yield amazing results in surprisingly short times if it is planned, executed, and monitored in a seamless & streamlined process. iLearnAhead is an enterprise learning platform that has been designed and developed to help your company manage your learning activities effectively, and achieve your organization’s learning goals.

Whether it is for an on-job training (OJT) assignment, classroom training or e-learning activity, the system is able to seamlessly manage and track, with clarity, training activities for everyone within the organization. iLearnAhead also has collaboration capabilities, e-learning content integration, robust curriculum management facilities, and effective reporting features.

Key Features

  • Simple workflow to allow the administrator to define the process flow Well-designed workflow and reporting features
  • Easy integration with external systems and standard content formats such as SCORM and AICC
  • Integration with online conferencing and live classroom tools like Zoom, Teams and others
  • Tight integration with Active Directory and Office 365 tools
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Cloud-enabled architecture – available on-premise and on-cloud models
  • Availability of learner collaboration tools such as forums, blogs and communications systems
  • User security and administration is inbuilt within the system for ease of operations
  • The system can be integrated with any qualified payment gateway to enable online payments
  • SCORM compliant Learning Content Creation and Management tool is inbuilt
  • Online portal features for registrations, payments and management features
  • Mobile learning capable features
  • Microsoft Azure integrations and support
  • Allows and simplifies gamification of training
  • A 100% AICC & TinCan compliant product, with over 200,000 users across 10 leading global companies

Success Stories

Learning Management System for ABS ABS required to provide a platform to investors make informed investments decisions. The base feature from iLearnAhead was added along with customized layout, aligned to the functional requirements. Learn More

Learning Management System for ST Engineering The client server application was facing network congestion, and needed migration to a fully web based solution. All the base features from iLearnAhead were added, and the layout was customized according to the functional requirements of customer needs. Learn More

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