Streamline Your HR Operations with ZingHR

At Web Synergies, we understand efficient Human Capital Management (HCM) 's critical role in driving business success. We've partnered with ZingHR, a leading enterprise HCM platform, to empower organizations like yours to go beyond automation and elevate employee experiences while enhancing business outcomes.

About ZingHR

ZingHR adopts anl employee-centric, mobile-first approach to revolutionize HR processes, ensuring seamless operations irrespective of geographical boundaries. With AI-enabled technology and user-friendly systems available in over 26 languages, ZingHR delivers comprehensive solutions covering the entire spectrum from onboarding to offboarding.

Key Features and Benefits


Comprehensive Suite

ZingHR offers a comprehensive suite of HR solutions, including Human Capital Management, Workforce Management, Talent Acquisition, Payroll, Learning Management, Performance Management, Time & Attendance, and Analytics applications.

 Proven Track

Proven Track Record

Empowering over 2 million users across 850+ companies worldwide, ZingHR boasts 32+ HRMS modules and has garnered recognition from industry leaders like Microsoft, NASSCOM, and Gartner.

Global Presence

Global Presence

ZingHR is headquartered in India, with delivery centers in major cities and an international presence in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Europe. It ensures localized support and global expertise.

Partnership with Web Synergies

By partnering with Web Synergies, ZingHR extends its reach to organizations seeking reliable IT services and solutions providers for their digital transformation journey. Together, we enable seamless integration of ZingHR's cutting-edge HR solutions with your existing business functions, ensuring:

 Service Delivery

Efficient Service Delivery

ZingHR enables efficient and effective delivery of core services, enhancing customer satisfaction and preserving high levels of employee satisfaction.

 Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

ZingHR helps achieve operational excellence by standardized, integrated, and automated processes, driving productivity and cost-efficiency.

 Decision Making

Enhanced Decision Making

ZingHR enhances decision-making capabilities by providing improved reporting, workflow automation tools, and real-time access to data, fostering agility and adaptability.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

ZingHR reduces business risk by ensuring data security, system reliability, and compliance with industry standards, safeguarding your organization against potential disruptions.

Critical Success Factors

To ensure a successful implementation of ZingHR, Web Synergies follows these guiding principles:


We prioritize standardized, end-to-end business processes to maximize efficiency and benefits for our customers.

Transparency and Compliance

We maintain transparency and compliance throughout implementation, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged.


Our approach is business-led, program-enabled, process-driven, and system-supported, fostering collaboration and alignment with strategic goals.

Cost Effectiveness

We deliver value for money and strive for cost efficiency without compromising service delivery, ensuring optimal ROI for our customers.

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