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Collaboration and Workflow Systems

Create better. Collaborate faster. Manage easier.

Microsoft SharePoint / Office 365

Create host sites and web applications. Facilitate document management and sharing of content to enable faster decision making.

Our Focus Areas

  • Control access rights to documents, information, and all business-critical information for faster and secure decision making
  • Provide easy collaboration through social media
  • Develop applications to quickly respond to customer requirements and changing market trends
  • Save time and effort by reducing training and maintenance costs

Why SharePoint

System Integration

Collaboration & content management tools provide your IT teams with a solid platform for management, extensibility, and collaboration.

Simplify Business Processes

Streamline every day, redundant business processes that slow productivity by using built-in electronic forms and customizable alerts.

Business Collaboration

Use your personal, partner and customer networks to connect and collaborate.

Build Custom Portals

The world-class platform that makes it simple to develop and grow portals customized for your business.

Content Management Tools

MS SharePoint's role-based security enables fine-grained control over content creation.

Up-To-Date Information

SharePoint's Business Intelligence tools provide an infrastructure for management to make timely business decisions.

Seamless Integration

Tight integration with MS Office and other MS email Apps making it a single window for all your activities.

Features and Capabilities

Intranet Portals

Developed for organizations so that they engage employees allowing them to collaborate in real-time, and to enable the sharing of information and knowledge by centralizing processes and improving operational efficiency.

Line of Business Applications (LOB)

LOB applications can be built with ease on top of the SharePoint platform. We can build your time management, leave and claims management systems using readily available templates and design workflows to achieve the required functionality.

Enterprise Content and Document Management

Very effective for document management and sharing content across an enterprise and maintaining digital records. The platform also provides the capability to enforce government and industry compliance and standards.


Combine Windows Phone 7 applications with on-premises SharePoint services and applications, or with remote SharePoint services and applications that run in the cloud.

Extranet Sites

Ensuring seamless collaboration and access for external parties such as suppliers. Authorized users can securely access their applications outside of the office network.

Cloud Add-in Model

SharePoint add-ins are self-contained pieces of functionality that extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website. Includes components such as the Office Store and the add-in App Catalog.

Internet Sites

World-class internet sites can be built on SharePoint as it has the capability of a full content management system. Social networking features are built-in, making it one of the best WCMS systems available.

Workflow Systems Automation

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual systems to cut costs and improve productivity. Achieve more in a shorter time. At Web Synergies, we have the right combination of skills and expertise to automate your workflow systems and save you time and money.

Here is what we do

  • Analyze the various workflows of your business
  • Suggest and implement an automated system that is best suited to the workflows
  • Deliver the benefits of smoother and integrated functionality, which in turn leads to improved productivity

Our workflow automation services include

  • Integrating disparate workflows
  • Task scheduling
  • Capital expenditure approvals
  • Vacation requests
  • Data management
  • Secure communication
  • Case management
  • HR processes
  • Project management
  • Contract approvals
  • Procurement Systems
  • Extensive reporting & analyzing tools
  • Inventory control
  • Product quality control

Some of Office 365 solutions include

  • Office 365 Email setup
  • Office 365 Migration
  • Office 365 Management
  • Teams setup
  • Teams Integration
  • Microsoft 365

Success Stories

Happy Clients

Your leadership on project-GfK Data Extraction for Tableau is encouraging & most appreciated. The team members have been very diligent & highly professional. Especially in putting extra effort & showing flexibility in order to meet our requirements & constraints.

- Calvin Tang,
Customer Insights, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific.


Fast, reliable and committed to providing good service, Web Synergies have been integral to the success of our new web portal.


- Lim Tanguy,
Director, Pro Bono Services, The Law Society of Singapore.

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