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We Are Web Synergies

Web Synergies is a leading professional services company, transforming clients’ businesses through tailored business solutions, services and consultations that drive sales, improve productivity and enhance operational and marketing efficiency. As experienced business software providers, our unique need-based, consultative approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and sustainable businesses. Headquartered in Singapore, Web Synergies also conducts its operations out of Hyderabad & Bengaluru in India, Tokyo in Japan, Dubai in the Middle East, and Houston in the United States of America.

DX Equity Partnership with Yokogawa

Web Synergies + Yokogawa’s equity partnership offers customers complete Digital Transformation solutions that optimise, scale and increase productivity across business operations.

Backed by a team of over 300 IT professionals and strategically located global network of DX Centers in Singapore, Japan, Middle East, India and North America, the Web Synergies + Yokogawa partnership comes with a reputation for providing high quality DX services that fit into customers’ preferred engagement methods and sustaining quality throughout the development lifecycle - from inception to implementation.

The partnership delivers value by tapping into the best DX minds with an innovative and agile mindset. A deep understanding and expertise drives our DX Teams work across a range of technical stacks and accelerate DX initiatives and therefore transform enterprises worldwide.

Our focus is always on knowledge transfer, customer satisfaction and producing successful DX outcomes to establish lasting customer relationships.

Our Leadership Team

Gideon Lim (Gideon) Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Prabhu Kumar Gade Chief Sales & Marketing Officer,
Executive Vice President

Srichand Baswa Chief Technology Officer

Subramanian MP SVP - Presales & Managed Services


Shiva K Srinivas Chief Financial Officer

Purnachandra Rao Vice President – Solution Engineering

Sudheer Balanagu Vice President – Products & Emerging Tech

Chakradhar Telukula Vice President – Customer Experience Solutions & MIS


Together we can achieve better business outcomes. With this underlying thought, we are driven to help our clients build businesses that are more efficient and innovative. Our work focuses on a two-fold mandate, one tactical and the other strategic. On the tactical front, we help in enhancing productivity by enabling business functions to run faster, cheaper and better. Strategically we help our clients scale up operations by making use of emerging technologies, conceptualizing new platforms and transforming legacy models.

The meaning of the word ‘Synergies’

It comes from the Greek word ‘sunergeo’ sunergeo (sooon-erg-eh-oh); Strong's #4903: Compare "synergist" and "synergism."From sun,"together," and ergeo, "to work"; hence, to cooperate, help, collaborate, colabor.

There is a practical harmony in synergism between vertical faith in God and horizontal works to a needy world. Faith is both spiritual and practical.
(Source: Spirit Filled Life Bible, New King James Version, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1991, 1998)

Core Values

“Sharing certain important core values is one of the key factors that determine the chemistry of a relationship/partnership” - Assegid Habtewold

At Web Synergies, we live and breathe our core value of Integrity which drives us in delivering as promised - on time, every time.

Integrity guides us in:

Providing excellence

Striving to give the best to our clients in all that we undertake.

Leading from the front

Staying on top of cutting-edge trends and opportunities to help clients grow - through the implementation of relevant strategies.

Creating successful partnerships

Working with clients from start to finish, understanding their needs, encouraging feedback and providing optimal business outcomes.

Giving back

We believe in using our financial resources and human talents to give back to the community.


Partnership Opportunities

We welcome expressions of interest from companies that would like to partner with us. We are always looking for opportunities to expand our partnership network across the globe.

Please contact our Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Executive Vice President, Mr Prabhu Kumar Gade, if such an arrangement is of interest to you.

Email : partnership@websynergies.com

Our Valued Partners

We partner with leading organizations across the world to bring you customized, cutting-edge digital solutions. Our network of partners includes niche technology developers, business software providers, and platform & IT infrastructure vendors.

Our Clients

From Fortune 500 companies & large-scale businesses to small & mid-sized firms to government organizations, we have partnered with them all on key projects and delivered outstanding results.


Giving Back

Committed to supporting and enhancing the communities where our employees and customers work and live, Web Synergies undertakes various corporate social responsibility activities that support child education in India through ‘Help A Child’. We provide funds and contributions in kind, and actively pursue employee volunteerism with various NGOs working in child education.The Company also supports various NPOs in different states in India. We provide monthly support to the New Ark Mission, and sponsor ‘World Vision’. We also undertake various activities to support the Hyderabad Baptist Church Orphanage.

Envisioning a better & safer world for all

We are proud to be associated with World Vision International, a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities in nearly 100 countries, to help them reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice. In pursuit of this vision to give every child the ability to enjoy and experience life in all its fullness, we have donated a percentage of our profits to address the urgent humanitarian needs of children in the war-torn areas of Syria and Afghanistan.

Assisting orphanage children in Central China

The orphanage is located in a famous scenic area which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The local bus company was unable to provide services, hence a van was purchased, which was partly funded by Web Synergies, to ease the transportation of children from the orphanage to schools far apart in the mountainous, earthquake-prone region. Funds are provided regularly to ensure that the children in the orphanage can continue with their higher education and to cater for their living expenses.

Supporting children in India

The Company supports various NGOs in India, mostly in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Child education through ‘Help A Child’ and ‘World Vision’ are sponsored. Also, various activities are undertaken to support Hyderabad Baptist Church Orphanage.

Our work in Cambodia

A free website was designed and provided to Methodist School of Cambodia, a Christian, not-for-profit school which serves the needs of children of all ages, irrespective of their background.